I’d love to help you create your movement. Here are the ways we can work together:


The Foundation

Everything starts with your story.

It’s the cornerstone of the house you’re building, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an ordeal. Get your brand’s core message handcrafted by me—in a matter of days, not months.

We’ll meet on the phone once to talk through your ideal clients, process, and business goals. When we next talk, you’ll be looking at your future—changed.


The Odyssey

My 7-step program to success. Kind of like AA, but for people who are addicted to reinventing the wheel.

I’ve laid out my clients’ journey into the 7 step process I see them going through to find success, but every business is different—that’s why this isn’t a course: it’s a tailored, twelve-week program of copywriting and marketing strategy that will create the foundational clarity, story, and connections you need in place to grow your business on autopilot.

You will never stare at a blank page or slapdash website again.

Full service, 1:1 program: $1297.

Really really want to do it on your own? A DIY version (just the email lessons) is available for$199.

The Honeymoon

Fall in love with your business again.

My basic consulting package is three hyper-focused sessions—just enough time to get you hands-on, bottom-line results with lower commitment (I see you, commitment-phobes). We’ll get on the phone while looking through your website, marketing funnel, and content to discuss strategic changes that will get you the most bang for your business buck in the coming year.

I’ll follow up each meeting with the step-by-step process I recommend to make your movement happen.

You can book your sessions back-to-back for a throat-punch to your demons, or spread them out like jelly on a sandwich for that longer angle of improvement.


The Retainer

You can keep my writer’s brain and problem-solving skills on tap for your upcoming projects.

The next time you have a sales email, social push, or website update, but no time to research and create? Hand it off to your professional on call. No more slapdash marketing, just solutions.

Retainers start at $500 pcm.

The On-Site Story

Want your whole team to become invested in your brand & client or donor experience?

Get them involved in the process of co-creating the story you’re telling. Every detail of your client experience can become part of this message. And perfectly coordinated experiences? Are how you create brand ambassadors from every client & social follower.

Together, we can find creative ways to express your brand and seal yourself in your clients’ minds as “the one”—forever.

On-site sessions are typically 2-3 days and start at $3,000 (plus travel expenses).