Sound too good to be true?

I wish I had a magic success potion (I’d bottle it up for you), but here’s what I can do with marketing magic instead…

We’ll use timeless storytelling strategies & strategic sales copy to help you find your client paradise, write your brand story, and start leading clients to your door. Every. Damn. Day.


Maybe this is you…

You want to attract an audience of fun, like-minded clients who are ready to pay your rates, but you sweat bullets when you think about sounding ‘salesy’ or markety.

When you hit a plateau in your bookings, you freeze because you don’t have a repeatable, effective promotion plan that you can implement each time you need more income.


You’re ready to level up your income, but it seems impossible to find the time & energy to increase your capacity.

You’re trying to target everyone on the internet, instead of focusing on the people who would give their right arm to work with you.

Your marketing messages don’t sound like you, so they feel salesy and weird, and you end up just avoiding marketing altogether—it’ll be ok if your business remains stagnant, right? 

Last, you know you’re missing opportunities because your brand message isn’t clear! Confused people don’t press “book now” —they go back to Buzzfeed and slowly forget you ever existed.

Imagine this:


Waking up every morning and not worrying about where your next clients are coming from, because you have a built-in system on your website for attracting them, auto-magically.

Checking your phone throughout the day and smiling because you have a new “New client booking!” notification every single time. 

Having FUN with all your clients because they match your style and values like champagne and orange juice.

Not batting an eye when a stranger says “So what makes your business special?” Because you know EXACTLY how to confidently share your value and unique story with anyone, getting them to fall in love with your movement immediately. 

In just 90 days, that could be you.

Want to make it happen?

It’s not about luck, and it’s not something only “other people” have on Instagram.

All you need is a story, a strategy, and a little pixie dust from a storytelling & marketing expert.


the odyssey

The Odyssey is a twelve-week action plan to help you find clarity, connect with your audience, and tell your story so you can make more bookings, every day.

It was created just for you if:

You feel like you have to reinvent the wheel every time you start a marketing campaign or launch something new.

You’re tired of stumbling over the question “so what do you do?” from every new acquaintance & online lead.

You’re ready to level up their bookings, go full time, and have more freedom to travel.

So how does it work?

Part 1: Find Your Client Paradise


Stop “hustling” to sell to everyone, and learn to organically attract your ideal clients.

People who are a good fit will happily pay premium prices, have a great time working with you, and tell all their friends.

You’ll spend less time marketing and more time with your clients.

  • Understand the worldview of your best clients, so you can connect with them on a deeper level.

  • Connect people around your mission, values, or brand, and create a community of potential clients who will LOVE you.

  • Ask for referrals from your best clients to “clone” them on repeat.

  • Make sure your pricing is perfect for your client base and sustainable. 


Part 2: Tell Your Story


Confidently communicate your value so you can charge what you’re worth and answer the question “What’s your business about?” with confidence and ease.

Knowing the most effective way to talk about your business will help you get more sales in person and online, because you’ll be memorable & compelling.

Make simple, strategic changes to your website that turn it into your own global, non-stop sales team. 

  • Craft a core message that communicates who you serve, how you help them, and why you’re the best fit for their needs.

  • Learn to write in a fresh, specific way that will get clients hanging on your every word and imagining themselves there, now.

  • Write web copy that makes you money, instead of just taking up space online.

  • Package your services so that people INSTANTLY understand what you do and whether they will love working with you. 


Part 3: Lead Clients to Your Door


Build a community of people who are excited about your services and constantly booking spots on your calendar—even when you’re on vacation or sleeping.

Learn to simplify your social media and marketing strategy, lose the overwhelm, and spend less time agonizing over posts & engagement. 

Help people understand your process and get excited about working with you, before you even have to ask them to buy.

  • Create a low-tech online system that will bring you new clients every day on autopilot, so you can spend less time cold-calling and more time living. 

  • Share a free download with website readers and social media lurkers that will give you the opportunity to follow up with them regularly and stay top-of-mind when they’re ready to book.

  • Grow a list of qualified potential clients to turn your email account into a “money button” when you’re ready to share a promotion.

  • Write out your process in bite-sized pieces so that you can invite people to take the first step with you.

AirBnB marketing

A clear message & process means…

… More ideal clients
… A better experience for every client
… More fun & less stress running your business

If you clarify your message and market yourself confidently to the RIGHT people, you’ll not only get more leads, but also earn:

  • Better reviews

  • Less hassle with less-than-ideal guests or clients

  • More bookings and sales (more dolla dolla bills, y’all)

  • A better fit with the clients you get, meaning…

  • More repeat clients and more referrals

The Odyssey is a twelve-week program designed to help YOU blow your marketing goals out of the water.

And I have two options to help you get started.

“Girl. What’s my investment?”

$199 for a DIY, self-paced Odyssey with 12 weeks of step-by-step lessons for transforming your business in 90 days.

$1497 to work directly with me on your business journey: 6 coaching calls, 3 strategic pieces of professional copy written for you, and help every step of the way implementing your new story.

On top of that? You get accountability & access to me for any questions, so you know everything gets done.

Is it worth it?

When you have your core message & marketing funnel in place…

You’ll reach your ideal audience, because you’ll sound like you—not like a textbook on copywriting, or a chatbot on Facebook.

If all you got was the ability to reach your ideal clients, it would be worth it.

You won’t be overwhelmed every time you need to market yourself and your business—you’ll know every step to creating clear, compelling messages and funnels that align with your values and lift your business higher.

If all you got was freedom from overwhelm, it would be worth it.

You’ll have a process in place for attracting your ideal clients, over and over, so you never have to wonder where your next paycheck is coming from. 

If all you got was a complete marketing funnel, it would be worth it.

But you’re going to get all of these things, and I have a process to make sure it all gets done on time, in the right order, so nothing slips through the cracks.


I’ll be reopening the Odyssey with updates & multiple options to make the journey fit for you in July.

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What you get:

  • A guided adventure into attracting your best clients yet, crafting magically effective messages for their reading pleasure, and communicating those messages EXACTLY where they’re already looking for them. 

  • Everlasting knowledge of how to talk about your business: principles of writing and marketing that never change and apply to all industries & price points. The amount of money this insight can make you is up to you. 

  • 6 one-on-one coaching calls, where I’ll walk you through every step of the process of writing your story, creating your marketing messages, and building a complete sales funnel. You’ll get every question you have answered & have expert insight as you build the next phase of your business growth ($950 value).

  • 3 pieces of strategic, co-written web copy—I want you to feel confident and proud posting your new copy online. So we'll make sure it's perfect. 

  • Custom guidance to build an evergreen funnel that will keep you attracting those magic clients for months and years to come—the benefits don’t stop after our work together is complete. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


You have a choice:

You could keep whipping back and forth in the wind, not sure which marketing strategy will help, or what to implement first to actually make a difference to your business.

You could spend the rest of this quarter hoping that your business will see some real growth this year, but not knowing how to get there. 

You could keep struggling to embrace the true vision of success that you had when you started your business, worrying that it will always be just out of reach and settling for less than you know you’re made for. 

You could trudge ahead with no direction, wasting time and money trying to create offers and pitches for your business online, with little or no results. 

You could even give up on the web entirely and focus all your energy on in-person sales, but we both know your competitors will be killing it online. 

You could spend hours scouring the web for good ideas to copy and steal, never really feeling like you’ve found your own groove.

You could keep floundering in your messages, writing words that confuse you and your reader, and missing out on sales every day.

Or, you could rewrite your story and set yourself on a new course to success.

Can’t wait for a second wind?

Don’t spend another day staring at a blank screen, wondering what to say to your audience, and how you’re going to get your next sale.


What’s the difference between a core message/brand story and regular copywriting?

Copywriters are not trained to help you find your voice or define and clarify your message. Their job is to flesh out messages that you’ve already defined, or to add their voice to your message and use templates (like the ones you’ll get for yourself inside the program) to compose copy that accomplishes a specific task.

A great copywriter can help you create amazing copy, but it’s not their responsibility (or often their skill-set) to help you define your message. In this program, I’ll help you do both.

Can we work on my sales emails instead of web copy?

Yep! I’m happy to help with any strategic copy that will move your business forward. That can be sales emails, automations, an instagram caption series, a sales page, about page, or other web page.

How will we conduct our coaching sessions?

You’ll have a personal project space: Imagine a seaside studio, all to yourself (But if you really wanna kill the effect, it’s a google drive folder that’s private to me & you).

We’ll meet on Skype or Facetime* and work on your Google docs, so that we can both see your web copy come together in real time. Plus, it means that we can work together even if we live on opposite sides of the world.

*These sessions can be video or audio-only, depending on your preference. We all have no-see-um days.

I’m a real estate broker/ayurvedic energy worker/horse therapist. Will this work for me?

If your clients use the internet, and you want to get more clients online, this can work for you. Most industries are becoming increasingly digital—even if yours isn’t 100% web-based yet, it’s still beneficial to get ahead of the curve.

Build a presence you’re proud of.

Learn to tell your story, in your voice, and build a marketing message and website that you’re as proud of as the rest of your hard-won business.

Get client bookings on autopilot.

With a story as your marketing foundation, you’ll be getting bookings and sales on autopilot. You’ll have to turn off sales notifications from your phone, just to be able to sleep. 

Be an inspiration to your industry.

Instead of riding the struggle bus, wondering how you’ll make it through the next season, you’ll be hailed by your peers as a digital marketing genius—and that other guy will be asking you how you did it. 


The Odyssey is currently closed for enrollment. Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta!

I love you! You taught me so much to make this program the absolute best it can be! I can’t WAIT to show you what I create from everything I learned from you.

Interested in the next iteration of the Odyssey? You should be. It’s going to be brilliant. Get on the waitlist here:

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