You don’t need a thousand marketing strategies to be successful.

You just need one, clear message.

Let me take the “ummm, well…” out of your pitch, and the blank-page-phobia out of your sales pages. Imagine this:

Instead of pushy sales copy, share honest invitations with ideal clients.

Instead of unending to-do lists that give you migraines, have a clear focus for your marketing tasks.

Instead of instant ‘hacks’ that leave you broke and frustrated, employ classic storytelling techniques that never go out of style.

I can help you create that foundation—one investment now, that pays off for the life of your project or organization.

What’s included?

Strategy Call

We'll spend an hour together so I can understand your audience, goals, and values.

You’ll get to dive deep into where you’re spending too much time trying to get clients, and how we can get you more bookings with less cringe.

You’ll also complete a worksheet that will help you think strategically about who you are, what you want to communicate, and how to find your ideal clients.

No matter where you are, I'll meet you there.

Your Brand Story, in three lengths.

Your brand story is the reason you’ll never have to stare at a blank Instagram caption again.

I’ll draft your unique Brand Story—a core message that you can refer to as you make decisions about your social media posts, content strategy, and even sales copy.

You’ll receive three versions of the final story: A mini bio, quick pitch, and full-length brand story.

You can publish these anywhere you like: your brand story can be turned into a killer email automation to introduce your audience to your values and services, or into a badass About page. The shorter pitches can be used in your press releases & social media profiles.

When we’re done, you’ll have a consistent, memorable brand message that clearly communicates WHO YOU ARE in a snap (not like Thanos’ snap, though).

But its greatest value?

You can refer to it over and over as a North Star to guide your sales emails, social media posts, and future launches—always knowing what key ideas to communicate for successful marketing.

One piece of strategic copy (of your choosing)

There’s always that one, need-it-done-yesterday project that initially brought you to the realization you need a whole new message strategy.

Crafted from your core message, we’ll remove that last stumbling block to propel you forward with your new message.

Is my business a good fit? Do I even have a story?

Short answer: yes. Everyone has a story. But remember: there’s no pressure for you, the business owner, to have an ‘interesting’ or ‘impressive background. You’re not the hero. You’re the guide.

Your message is not about you, it’s about the relationship between you and your clients.

You can leverage your business’ purpose into more than just an income source.

It can be a movement. All you need? Is a guide.

No more overwhelm, no more staring at a blank page, wondering what to say to your audience, no more frustration with shouting into the void online. 

I tell your story.

Your clients fall in love.

You make more money.

It’s a win/win/win.

The details (here’s what I deliver):

  • Ideal client worksheets to help you connect with your best audience

  • one 75-minute, action-focused strategy call to help you find clarity and purpose where it’s hiding from you

  • The seven elements of a complete brand narrative: every truth you need to communicate to connect to your ideal clients, earn their trust, and showcase your value. (mix & match & use in your content—forever)

  • Your complete, written Brand Story in three lengths, to serve as the cornerstone for your website, marketing materials, and sales emails

The benefits (here’s what you’re getting):

  • A deeper understanding of how to communicate on your clients’ level. Overcome the curse of knowledge and meet them where they’re at, so they read your words and think “OMG Yes! That’s me!”

  • Never having to stare at a blank page again. When you have your core message ready to go, you always have a solid outline for what you need to communicate throughout a campaign. When you need to sell an offer, the only new message you need is around your offer, not your whole introduction.

  • So much more time to create. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you’re building an empire (in your content, of course). You’ll spend less time in the weeds of your messages and campaigns, and more time connecting with ideal clients.

Want to get started?

It’s easy. Book your discovery call below & see if we’re a good fit. No commitments, just connection.

Thank you!