Know who your ride-or-die fans are.

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I have a serious question for you. 

How much are Fall Out Boy tickets worth? 

Seriously, put a number on it (without googling). 

Unless you recently price-checked the MANIA Tour, your opinion of how much those tickets are worth to you probably varies wildly based on how much you care about Fall Out Boy & their latest album. 

To a Jack Johnson fan? Meh. Fall Out Boy is loud, grungy, and not worth more than $30. 

To a die-hard who’s been listening since 2003, that number may be $300, or more. …and then I’ll beg a scalper to let me give him $900 for a back-stage pass and meet & greet.

This is why you need to know who your ideal audience is. Sell to the wrong audience, and your leads will be unimpressed, uninterested, and barely convinced to pay your rates.

Sell the right offer to the right people? And they’ll pay whatever you ask—and beg for more. 

Think about that. 

Fall Out Boy doesn’t waste any time trying to sell their albums to traditional grannies in folk music clubs, or young bucks in the US who never change the channel from classic country. 

They know who their ride-or-die, tattoo-me-now fans are, and they make content for those raving, loyal, devoted lunatics.


I got too many memories getting in the way of me
I'm 'bout to go Tonya Harding on the whole world's knee / And I'm stuck, night vision
So stuck night vision / But I come to life, come to life

Some princes don't become kings / Even at the best of times I'm out of my mind
You only get what you grieve / Are you smelling that shit?

Eau de résistance!

Does that sound like someone who’s worried about who will like their music? 

No. They KNOW who’s going to like it. And they also know who will HATE it. 

But they don’t give a fuck about the haters. Haters aren’t important to getting sales from die-hard fans. They’re irrelevant.

So they don’t tone down their lyrics, album art, or concerts to make themselves more appealing to grannies and country boys. They simply ARE who they are, and the fans who love them find them, share their content with friends, and pay whatever they ask to sell out stadiums around the world. 

Do you want your words to be memorable? Your stories unforgettable? Your services sold out? Your marketing effortless and effective?  

Think like Fall Out Boy. 

#BeLikeFallOutBoy, my new favorite life goal. Maybe my next tattoo…

If you’re running a travel business, you know you can find a wild range of different clients—high-end, luxury buyers, to families on a budget, to free-spirit eco-travelers with an eye for eco-friendly tourism. But not all of those types of travelers are exciting or fun to work with for you.

Every tour operator, travel advisor, and entrepreneur lights up inside when they work with that one type of client who is absolutely perfect for them. 

Knowing who your ride-or-die clients are will change your travel business marketing forever.

Working with your ideal clients makes everything easier.

You instinctively “get” the kinds of experiences they’ll love, you’re intimately familiar with their values and priorities, and they pay your rates without batting an eye, before even reading the details because they trust you and appreciate your service.

Just like a Fall Out Boy fan buys an album before they ever hear a single, your perfect clients will *click* with you, your values, and your offers, if you are shouting who you are from the hilltops. 

Be real in your marketing, and don’t worry about what other people are doing. Connect deeply with your die-hard fans, and your personality and fans will do the work of sharing and marketing for you.  

I’m Ashton, and I’m all about telling your story authentically so you can find your ideal clients, charge what you’re worth, and grow your travel business confidently.

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