On having 1.6M Instagram followers & being "lucky"

Do it for the gram

I have a friend who runs a massively popular Instagram account. She and her partner have worked incredibly hard, consistently, for two years to build it to 1.6 million followers—and now, they’re able to leverage that work to provide both their full-time incomes.  

But the other day, when I asked her about an instagram tool I was considering, she worried  “It might sound annoying, but we’ve been really lucky, and haven’t needed anything like that…” 


I’ve seen how hard they both worked for that success—what they gave up for it. How creative they’ve been. The bad days, the legal issues, the hangers-on, the pivots they’ve made to keep being the best.

I haven’t seen those days for you. Maybe you’re still in The Hard. Or maybe the connections are starting to fall into place. But I have some advice to file away until the day someone’s asking YOU: “How’d you do it?” 

Feel no guilt when it comes ‘easily.’

There will be hard days again. Don’t waste the smooth days feeling like you don’t deserve them.

You deserve them. 

Things are flowing because you’ve put yourself in the right place, at the right time, and built the right skillset to make it work.

Because you took risks. Because you were open to possibilities. Because you asked. Because you worked.

“Lucky” is what people call you when they see you on top, but they can’t see all the scaffolding you built to capture that rooftop view. 

When you were struggling, you could see people succeeding. Their success didn’t make you smaller. When you’re succeeding, you’ll still see others struggling.

Lift them where you can, but don’t make yourself smaller for their comfort. 



Photo courtesy of Glen Anthony via Unsplash.