I chose to be a storyteller because now I do get to be everything.

ashton whitney storyteller

I get to experience new perspectives and adventures through my incredible clients every day. I get to indulge my insatiable curiosity, and live to tell the (strategic AF) tale.

I get to apply both halves of my brain to my work: the creative, woo-woo, screenwriting-at-2am half, and the 100% pragmatic bitch half who wrote a dissertation on discourse analysis—and will make you check your bullshit at the door. For your own good.

I also get to make use of all the crazy stories I’ve lived. It’s hard to scare me. I’ve been...

  • Threatened by Ernest Hemingway’s estate over a domain name.

  • Locked in a preacher’s house in the Dominican Republic.

  • Kicked out of one of the world’s friendliest countries.

  • Caught at an international border with (technically) both guns and drugs (look, they weren’t mine, ok?).

I have pissed off universities, oil companies, copywriters, and a couple of friends with the honesty I’ve shared and the questions I’ve asked. But I’ve also connected people, built friendships, made strangers cry with the joy of finally being seen and understood.

I have some stories to tell. I’m not proud of all my stories, but I’ve learned to own them.

I believe in telling a good story, but I also believe in living one.

“It’s a long story,” is my favorite sentence. You’ll find me settling in & grabbing the wine bottle.

Sometimes, it takes telling your story to realize the growth it caused in you.

women helping women

So I’m here to listen. And to help you discover all yours: the ones holding you back, and the ones that will connect you, heart-to-heart, with your ideal clients.

I love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs because I believe in taking control of your own destiny—and working for yourself is one of the most powerful ways to create that agency in your life.

People who serve others—and bet everything on their ability to do it—are the most hardworking and open-minded people I know.

If that’s you, let’s work together.

We’ve got some things to say.


I'm only antisocial on rainy Sundays.