It’s time to Stop listing features and start telling a memorable story - your client's.

You’re the expert in your audience & your business. And you provide a one-of-a-kind, amazing experience for your guests.

But if you’re not communicating that clearly online, you’re missing out on a whole world of potential clients. Millions of people are shouting for attention on the internet, so listing your features and price simply don't cut through the noise anymore. 

Instead, you have to reach out and draw them in.

What better way than through storytelling, the communication tool humans have been using for thousands of years to convey memorable, persuasive information?

All over the planet, people are searching online for experiences like yours - they just don’t know it’s you they’re looking for (yes, cue Adele here).

Let's work together - your story, my words. I work with hospitality and destination-focused business owners to help them convey their enchanting guest experiences to the wild world of the internet. Why? People around the world are longing to be part of your destination story.

We just need to invite them in.

I work with clients in two ways: if you have a specific project, promotion, or new business that you want OUT of your head and ONTO the screen, you need a writer (pop the champagne, you just found one).

If you know your website isn't working for you, but you're not sure why and you're ready to make money (that's why you went into business, after all), you need a strategy to get sales online (so borrow my strategy brain for an hour and get one).

I believe in finding your fate wherever it may be - if your dream is running a bed & breakfast in the Seychelles or a chicken joint in Memphis, you should spend your life doing, not wishing.

I believe in small businesses - in fighting for yours and in supporting others. 

I believe the clients and guests who are perfect for your business are out there - they're just waiting to hear your story.

I believe no welcoming host should go out of business just because they didn't know how to share their business online.

I believe no one should feel overwhelmed or unqualified on the internet, just because it's noisy and full of competition.

Nothing lights me up like seeing talented travel business owners (like you) achieve all the success they’ve imagined. 

Are you tired of throwing content to the winds of the internet, doing a rain dance in the hopes that somebody (anybody) reads it? Imagine you had one rock-solid, strategic piece of content you could always fall back on when you need to develop social media posts, advertisements, or website copy.  That's your destination story. 

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